Zoya Naturel Collection: A Review

Barret, Evelyn, Cami, Marlowe, Adeline, and Vivian

When I was living in Vancouver around 2010 (eons ago now), I painted my nails once or twice or a week. It always made me feel just that little bit more put together. Since returning home to Yukon polishing my nails is one of the many grooming rituals, along with threading my brows and waxing various body parts, that’s fallen to the wayside. I’ll blame it on the pandemic…. even though I’ve been home for nearly seven years now.

When an email from Nail Polish Canada asking if I’d like to review one of Zoya’s new collections landed in my inbox I thought it sounded like a good opportunity to dip my toes back into being semi-well groomed. And so here we are, with a review of Zoya’s Naturel Collection.

Zoya Naturel Collection

The collection includes six shades: Barret, Evelyn, Cami, Marlowe, Adeline, and Vivian (from left to right in the photo above). The colours are all in the pinky-purple shade range and they are all lovely. Marlowe is the only glitter and I imagine I’ll use it on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve. The rest of the shades are totally wearable for every day, in my opinion anyway.

This photo was taken on day three, not bad!

On Sunday I sat down and gave myself a (slap-dash) manicure using Cami, a pretty pinkish taupe. I was initially a bit disappointed to see a skinny brush but I got over it quickly, especially when the polish applied beautifully and fully opaque in two coats. I finished it off with a slick of an Essie topcoat that I unearthed from my trusty train case and was off to the races (and by races I mean couch and my book). It dried within 20 minutes or so and lasted a solid four days without chipping.

Zoya nail polishes are produced with natural ingredients and are free from harmful ingredients such as camphor and formaldehyde.

This post was not sponsored, however, the collection was given to me  for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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