My breast reduction surgery story: why I’m so happy I did it.

This is an unusual post for me, particularly because I tend to stay away from anything too personal on this blog. I’m kind of private that way. It may be partly because I’m a Xennial – a micro-generation born between Generation X and Millennials. I grew up without the internet and so I’m not terribly comfortable sharing too much online. Anyway, today’s post is my breast reduction surgery story. I’m sharing it because, even though it makes me kind of uncomfortable, I read so many of these types of posts before I had my surgery and I found them incredibly helpful. So without further waffling, here is my breast reduction surgery story.

My story

I was very slim until about 27. A couple of things changed in my life at that time which led to some weight gain. With the weight came much larger breasts. I went from about a b cup to a g cup. It was kind of a shock. I’m fairly petite at 5’3″ and I looked quite top heavy. I never really got used to my new body, and until very recently, I really hated it. I was living in Vancouver in 2013 or so and had a lovely family doctor. He was the first person who suggested to me that a breast reduction might be a good idea. He got the process started for me, but by the time I got the phone call about meeting with a plastic surgeon I was back in the Yukon and no longer covered under BC healthcare. I forgot about it for a while.

Poutine and Prada: Breast Reduction Surgery Before
This is me pre-reduction. My bra size was 34G.

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