Pretty Penny Pincher

If you’re like me (lucky you…) then you’re constantly (obsessively) mopping up the oil that is always maddeningly pumping out of your pores at the speed of Superman in flight (that’s got to be fast right?).


It is my cross to bear I suppose (my accursed curls are too, but that’s another story). Anyway, if you’re like me then you are aware of the Heaven-sent life savers that are oil absorbing sheets, and you also know that they’re not super cheap. For the diva on a dime (I’m temping as a stop-gap until my dream job falls into my lap) a strip torn from a toilet-seat cover will do the trick in an oily pinch! Tissue isn’t a good solution because it absorbs your make-up along with your excess sebum. So, quickly grab a toilet seat cover, fold it into a tiny square, and stash it in your purse before someone walks into the bathroom and wonders why you’re so paranoid about sitting on a public throne!

You’re welcome!

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    1. Ah mumsie, you are hilar!
      But my skin is the opposite – always dry, so please don’t “buy” me any toilet seat covers.

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