Duck Face all Over the Place

Apocalips. I love me a clever name. Apocalips. Say it with me. That’s fun. Don’t ever let anyone tell you I don’t know how have a good time!

Rimmel Apocalips started popping up on the blogosphere sometime last year and it seemed like forever before they were finally available in Canada. I was so excited about them.

When they finally arrived I waited like two months before finally buying one. Sometimes I’m weird like that. Anyway, when I did finally get around to it I swatched all the colours and spent ages picking one. I decided on Nova. It’s a kind of a classic, Barbie dark pink. Really not my thing. It sat unused on my vanity for about a month until I forced myself to wear it yesterday.

The shade is definitely outside of my comfort zone, however I do like the product itself. It’s a liquid lipstick that you paint on. The colour payoff is good; you only need one coat. The lasting power is also good. The finish is nice. It’s satiny and quite glossy. My one complaint is that the product settled into all the lines on my lips and kind of emphasized them. I’m hoping that wouldn’t be as bad with some of the other shades. Actually, I do have another complaint. The scent is gross. It’s plasticky and unpleasant.

All in all I’d say it’s worth giving the Rimmel Apocalips a shot.

Have you tried liquid lipstick?

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