Dig Thriftique

I just had the nicest visit with my little sister, Allie. She was passing through Vancouver on her way home from LA, where she attended a conference and presented a BOOK CHAPTER she’s written. That’s right! My sister will, very soon, be a real, live published author! How exciting is that?

Allie is a thrift store shopper extraordinaire, you wouldn’t believe the stuff this girl can unearth from the depths of a Salvation Army. So, of course, she was all over the plethora of antique and thrifting opportunities on offer in sunny LA.

One of her finds was this gorgeous little compact that she presented to yours truly!

Dig Thriftique

It even has some of the original powder in it! I can just picture a glamorous lady of the 50s perched at her dressing table, wearing a silky peignoir, and powdering her nose! So glam! I’ve got it stashed in my purse at the moment but it’s almost too pretty for that; I feel like this should be displayed on my vanity table… which I really must buy one of these days. It’s on my list along with go through my shoes, come up with a proper filing system for my important tid-bits, and buy some resin display thingies for my make-up brushes. Still, nevermind, I love getting it out oh-so-casually to touch up my lipstick.

Dig Thriftique 2

Allie purchased this little beaut from Dig Thriftique, a store which she informed me is run out of a little travelling van! Check them out here!

Dig Thriftique 1

Are you a vintage treasure hunter?

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