Everlane Shirred Silk Shirt – A Review

Welcome to another Everlane review! In the past I’ve stayed away from delicate fabrics such as silk and cashmere. I was worried that I would not be able to properly wash them (we do not have access to reliable dry cleaning where I live) and end up ruining the garment. Recently, I’ve decided that life is short and if I want to wear silk and cashmere then I am going to wear silk and cashmere. Lack of dry cleaning facilities be darned, I’ll hand wash! I’d been eyeing up Everlane’s silk shirts for several months so I was delighted when the chance to try out their Shirred Silk Shirt came up. I ordered it in black because I did not want to tempt the fates with a lighter colour.


Image from Everlane’s website

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What I wore: Easy breezy spring/summer style

Whitehorse blogger Sarah Winton in a simple summer outfit

I wore this simple spring/summer ready outfit a week or so ago to grab some lunch and do a quick errand or two. When we really get into summer I’ll just ditch the jacket. It was a big day – my first time out of the house after spending eight days cooped up recovering from my breast reduction (a post on that is coming in the next few months).

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