Born Lippy

My obessession love affair with lip gloss began in 1993 or 1994 when I stole a pot of Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm from my dear mother. Back in those days the big thing was to stick your finger into the pot and stir the gloss up. The 90s were a strange time…

Fast forward to the present and I’m still a devotee of my good old strawberry gloss. These days they’ve updated the packaging, and darkened the colour, but it’s still the same yummy stuff I remember from my early teen years.

Here is my beat-up well-loved pot of The Body Shop’s Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Blam. I keep this one stashed in my purse for when I  need a slick of gloss and a pop of colour. It’s thick but not sticky, easy to apply, and smells like Fruit Roll-Ups. Total win! Every time I dig into this little beaut I’m taken on a mini trip back to my youth, not that I’d want to be 13 again but I don’t mind the occastional visit! If you’re looking for a fairly low-cost, classic, and pretty balm this one is a good bet!  It’s pretty on its own, but also looks great layered over a lip stain or even a nude lipstick.

Do you have a childhood favourite that you’re still using?

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  1. I don’t use them anymore, but when I was growing up everyone was obsessed with Lip Smacker chapstick. They came in a million different flavors and everyone would collect them and fill key chains full of them. They were always super cheap, and really they were more about flavor then moisture. Now, that I think about it, they were pretty awful products. LOL.

    I love that the Body Shop lip balm comes in a pot, but I would be afraid of sticking my fingers in there all the time. I guess you have to wash your hands before applying.

    1. I loved Lip Smackers! I still have a couple of them kicking around; I have the pink lemonade one in my purse right now! The Body Shop balms also come in a tube so you can apply it hands-free!

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