I’d love to start off this year with a blog post highlighting everything I learned in 2020 and my motivational goals/plans/tips for a fantastic 2021, but the truth is that I am feeling apathetic about 2021 at best. At this time of year we are bombarded with fresh start motivational images, quotes, and tips. I’ve never really been into it and I’m not likely to morph into a new person overnight just because it’s a new year. This year it seems particularly trite and tiresome.

We’re still in the grip of the pandemic, the environmental crisis rages on, and Trump (the Dump) is still pretending that he didn’t lose the election. Not much has changed and yet there is so much pressure to be positive, be productive and be better. 2020 was a grind and 2021 is not starting off much better.

Perhaps it’s because I turned 41 (an age that seems particularly loathsome for some reason), perhaps it’s because my husband was in the hospital on News Years Eve (the eve of my birthday), or perhaps because it’s cold and grey, but I just can’t seem to muster any enthusiasm for this year. Are you struggling as well?

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