Reverse Shampooing

Hello my darlings! Have you missed me? There have been some pretty major changes in my life recently, the biggest being that I’ve moved home to the Yukon to be closer to my family. I’ll be starting a new job next month, as well as moving into a new apartment. Can’t wait to start decorating! You can look forward to more of the same old content in future posts with a slightly different, northern perspective.


Every day for the last month or so I’ve had a great hair day. It’s not because of a new product or treatment. It’s because of a simple, and free change I’ve made. Curious? All I’ve done is change the order in which I wash my hair. I now condition and then shampoo. Easy peasy!  You would not believe the difference it makes! The idea is that by conditioning first there is no heavy residue left in your hair and you’re left with a lot more body. I’ve found my locks to be smoother as well.

Have you tried reverse shampooing?

4 thoughts on “Reverse Shampooing

  1. never tried it… maybe i will this week. I’ll let you know when i do! I like putting coconut oil in my hair a couple of hours before washing it. I love coconut oil. I use it as a eye makeup remover, too! Have you tried it for that?

      1. It really is. I’m sure if you google coconut oil, you’ll find many ways to use it. I have a big jar and originally used it for cooking only, but am totally loving how this natural product is awesome for so many beauty related things! (e.g I use just a little bit has face lotion at night, too)

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