It puts the lotion on its skin… again

I recently finished off two tubes of lotion. Am I the only one who finds this immensely satisfying? I doubt it. I am always rubbing lotion into my hands. I have a tube in my purse, beside my bed, in the kitchen… well you get the idea.

The first is by the brand H2O. I got this a few years ago here in Vancouver. I love it. The smell, raspberry guava,  is to die for. To DIE for. Fruity, delicious, and not overpoweringly sweet. The formula is rich but light and totally non greasy. It cost a pretty penny, $16.50, but it lasted nearly three years.


The second is by Pacifica. The scent is Malibu Lemon Blossom. It reminds me faintly of dish soap but not in a bad way. The formula is very thick, which I normally don’t like but I found that it absorbs well and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky at all. This is a great lotion for winter. Also, the packaging is just gorgeous. This is the kind of tube you want to leave out so people can see it.


Do you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you get through a lotion?

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