It puts the lotion on its skin… again

I recently finished off two tubes of lotion. Am I the only one who finds this immensely satisfying? I doubt it. I am always rubbing lotion into my hands. I have a tube in my purse, beside my bed, in the kitchen… well you get the idea.

The first is by the brand H2O. I got this a few years ago here in Vancouver. I love it. The smell, raspberry guava,  is to die for. To DIE for. Fruity, delicious, and not overpoweringly sweet. The formula is rich but light and totally non greasy. It cost a pretty penny, $16.50, but it lasted nearly three years.


The second is by Pacifica. The scent is Malibu Lemon Blossom. It reminds me faintly of dish soap but not in a bad way. The formula is very thick, which I normally don’t like but I found that it absorbs well and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky at all. This is a great lotion for winter. Also, the packaging is just gorgeous. This is the kind of tube you want to leave out so people can see it.


Do you feel like you’ve accomplished something when you get through a lotion?

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I do a face mask, oh I don’t know, once every three years or so. So when I finally get around to doing one I like to make a bit of an event out of it. This means a glass of wine, a hot bath, and a man with those sexy v-muscles in his abs feeding me grapes, you know, the usual. Or maybe I just slap it on my face and lie on my bed reading until it dries. I can’t really remember, it was last week after all.

The mask I used wasn’t one of those peel-off ones that lets you pretend to be Hannibal Lector as you take it off, but it was still pretty fun (modest sort of playing-scrabble-with-your-grandma fun). I used the Balea Oil Removing Mud Face Mask. I did scrunch my face up a few times, the feeling of the mud cracking and showering off of your face is kind of satisfying…

Balea Face Mask

The mask is quite thick, it won’t slide off your face as you apply it. A little goes a long way as well so you can get a few uses out of the packet. When first applied the mask stung my face a little, maybe because it has tea tree oil in it? The stinging didn’t last long though. I left it on for about 15 minutes and then removed it with a warm face cloth. The big thing I have to say about this mask is that my skin felt really clean after using it. Clean in a way that I never feel, not even when I’ve just stepped out of the shower. My blackheads seemed a little less noticeable, and my skin didn’t feel dry or tight. All in all I’d say I would definitely use this mask again. I purchased it at Shopper’s Drug Mart and, while I don’t remember the exact price, I do know it was cheap.

Balea Mask

Have you tried any of the Balea masks?

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ASOS Wish List

ASOS is having a big old sale right now. Le sigh. I can’t shop at all at the mo; I’ve got no pennies you understand. My life is such a trial. Honestly. Anyway, that certainly doesn’t stop me from internet window shopping (it’s a thing).

In the spirit of wishing (I might randomly find $1000 or be discovered and offered a modeling contract job as a stand-up comedian career at Starbucks), here is a selection of my current picks from ASOS.

image1xl Aldo Hydelade Shoulder Tote Bag

A girl can always do with a new bag. I love the juicy colour and structured build of this purse.


ASOS Chain Print iPad Case

I don’t acutally own an iPad but it’ll be the first thing I buy when I find $1000.


Bila Space Dye Knit Vest

How fab are these colours?


A Wear Leopard Intarasia Jumper



A Wear Midi Check Print Tube Skirt

Love the sexy silhouette and print on this little number!


ASOS Polly Pointed High Heels

I can’t get enough of really chunky heels at the moment – these babies fit the bill!

What are your ASOS picks?


Pacifica is a truly lovely line of products that a friend introduced me to a few years ago. It’s a collection of body butters, lotions, perfumes, candles, and body washes with scents that are to die for. It’s all natural, and free from all of those nasty chemicals we hear so much about. It’s kind of hard to find, Whole Foods carries it along with a handful of other specialty boutiques. It can also be purchased directly from the website, and of course, via eBay. I was thrilled a couple of weeks ago when I found it at a variety store here in lovely Vancouver, and at a fraction of the usual rather spendy prices!



I picked up a bottle of the Indian Coconut Nectar body wash for about $10. This stuff is just gorgeous. The scent is a combination of coconut and vanilla, DELISH. It’s described on the back of the bottle as ambrosia (nectar of the gods, thank you Google!) and I’d say that hits the nail directly on the head. It works up to a nice creamy lather, and leaves your skin lightly scented. It’s perfect for summer, light, and fresh.

Have you tried out anything by Pacifica?