Batiste Dry Shampoo

Confession: I haven’t washed my hair since Sunday because I’m too lazy busy. It was fine yesterday, but I think perhaps I was asking too much of my mop when I chose to forgoe washing yet again this morning. By lunchtime my curls were looking far too er… defined for my liking. I decided to pop out to London Drugs on my break and pick up some dry shampoo. I was waylaid by Sephora on the way there, but when I grabbed a bottle of Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo and saw the $50 (gasp) price tag I was quickly on my way again.

I decided on Batiste Dry Shampoo because I’ve used it before, and I was in a terrible hurry. They’ve come out with a few new fragrances since I last purchased a bottle. I decided on Tropical because I’m a sucker for anything coconut.

Back at the office I popped into the loo and gave my hair a thorough dousing. The verdict? Great product! With a limited amount of fuss you can have your lackluster hair looking refreshed and volumized in a matter of moments, not to mention smelling absolutely delish. The price was around $10 which may be a tad steep but it’s a large bottle and I’m guessing it’ll last a long time.

I know that since I didn’t take a before photo (some things cannot be unseen friends) there’s not much point to the selfie, but this is my blog and if I want to post a gratuitous duck-face photo of myself I can!

Have you tried any dry shampoos?

Oooooooh… La Lift!

I’m a Benefit girl, through and through. I love their fun packaging, their engaging website, and I spend an embarrassing amount of time watching their Youtube videos. It’s unusual for me to be loyal to any brand, I change shampoos like I change my underwear (regularly, just in case that’s not clear!). So if I’m hooked on something you know it’s good!

Anywhoskies, on to today’s product! Benefit’s Ooh La Lift. I picked this product up ages and ages ago during my Great Shopper’s Drugmart Optimum Points Shopping Spree of 2011 (otherwise known as The Greatest Day of My Life). It sat unused in my make up collection for sometime until I unearthed it a few weeks ago. I’d never really used the product because, frankly, I didn’t know what to do with it. A couple of Youtube Videos later I’d figured it out (you dot it under your eyes and blend with your ring finger….) and was off to the erasing-my-under-eye-bags races.

Truth be told, this product is not the miracle it is purported to be. In fairness though, is any product? Benefit describes Ooh La Lift thusly: “This legendary under-eye brightening boost looks like an instant eyelift! Contains raspberry extracts and light-reflecting pigments to instantly perk up tired eyes. This delicate pink balm can be applied on bare skin or over makeup.” Instant eyelift? No. Cool, refreshing, and pretty? Yes. Will I continue using it? Yes. Will I buy it again? Not sure. The verdict: Ooh La Lift is a nice product, I enjoy using it, and I’m not sorry it’s part of my arsenal.

There you have it friends! I apologize for the long-windedness of this post, though I am eating a cinnamon bun right now and so must confess, dear reader, that I am distracted!

Are you loyal to any make-up brands?

Pretty Penny Pincher

If you’re like me (lucky you…) then you’re constantly (obsessively) mopping up the oil that is always maddeningly pumping out of your pores at the speed of Superman in flight (that’s got to be fast right?).


It is my cross to bear I suppose (my accursed curls are too, but that’s another story). Anyway, if you’re like me then you are aware of the Heaven-sent life savers that are oil absorbing sheets, and you also know that they’re not super cheap. For the diva on a dime (I’m temping as a stop-gap until my dream job falls into my lap) a strip torn from a toilet-seat cover will do the trick in an oily pinch! Tissue isn’t a good solution because it absorbs your make-up along with your excess sebum. So, quickly grab a toilet seat cover, fold it into a tiny square, and stash it in your purse before someone walks into the bathroom and wonders why you’re so paranoid about sitting on a public throne!

You’re welcome!

Pretty in Pink

I picked up the Bourjois Paris Little Round Pot Blush in Rose D’Or at Shopper’s Drug Mart some time ago when I was hankering for, but too skint to afford, the Nars blush in Orgasm. It’s a lovely shade of Barbie pink with gold shimmer in a cute round case. It gives you that really pretty “I’ve just stepped in from the cold” flush. I like this blush for the winter when I’m even paler (think underbelly of a dead fish) than usual.

The blush goes on nicely with no streakiness or clumping, and I find that one sweep over the cheeks usually does the trick. The only minor compaint that I have about this product is that it fades after a couple of hours, and has to be reapplied.

The verdict? For around $20 it’s not a bad value. I’d buy it again.

Deal Breakers

I’m a seasoned dater. As a single, 30-something gal I’ve had my fair share of romances, long and short. It’s taken a long time (and a lot of failed relationships) but I’ve got myself a pretty solid list of deal breakers.

In a (very) specific order:

1. Displays of temper (will.not.tolerate.);

2. Early risers;

3. Cat-haters;

4. Neat freaks;

5. Ignorance;

6. Taking more time to get ready than I do;

7. Listening to bad music.

There are many more, but I don’t have days for this post!

What are some of your deal breakers? Bad breath? Showering too little? Eating all of the cheese? Share!