Shopping my closet II

A few months ago I took everything out of my closet, decluttered a few pieces that I hadn’t worn in ages, cleaned the shelf and washed the floor and then put everything back in. I love a good closet declutter! I hung everything on a hanger facing the wrong way so that, if in six months or so, there was anything remaining on a hanger facing the wrong way I’d know that piece can probably be sold or donated.

One of the pieces still on a hanger facing the wrong way was my chambray shirt. I bought it years ago thinking that I would wear it all the time. That hasn’t been the case. I decided to hit up Pinterest again to see if I could breathe some new life into this piece.

The inspiration:


*image from Pinterest

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Shopping my closet

For the past while I’ve been trying to streamline my wardrobe by investing in more quality basics to stretch my closet farther. I’m by no means a minimalist, however, I am totally obsessed with fashion blogs about minimalism and capsule wardrobes. I decided to try shopping my closet to see if I could stretch some of my pieces farther. If you’re looking to streamline as well, you may want to try it. The idea is that you pull a favourite piece and try creating new outfits centered around it with pieces you already own.

Shopping your closet - camel blazer

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Colour Me Emerald

Pantone has announced the colours for Spring 2013, and one of them is emerald green! Colour me thrilled! I love me a jewel tone; I was equally pleased that Oxblood was the colour for the fall. Here are some of the inspiring images I’ve stumbled across.

Emerald jewels seem like the obvious place to start!

Emerald Earrings

Nail polish is an inexpensive way to incorporate of the moment colours into your look.

Emerald Nails

Maybe a jewel toned dress for a spring wedding?

Emerald Dress

I can never resist a cute coat! 

Emerald Coat

Marc Jacobs is one of my secret boyfriends. 

Emerald Bag

I don’t believe in couches without blankets.

Emerald Cozy

Are you happy to see emerald on the runways this spring?

Images from Pinterest

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