My breast reduction surgery story: why I’m so happy I did it.

This is an unusual post for me, particularly because I tend to stay away from anything too personal on this blog. I’m kind of private that way. It may be partly because I’m a Xennial – a micro-generation born between Generation X and Millennials. I grew up without the internet and so I’m not terribly comfortable sharing too much online. Anyway, today’s post is my breast reduction surgery story. I’m sharing it because, even though it makes me kind of uncomfortable, I read so many of these types of posts before I had my surgery and I found them incredibly helpful. So without further waffling, here is my breast reduction surgery story.

My story

I was very slim until about 27. A couple of things changed in my life at that time which led to some weight gain. With the weight came much larger breasts. I went from about a b cup to a g cup. It was kind of a shock. I’m fairly petite at 5’3″ and I looked quite top heavy. I never really got used to my new body, and until very recently, I really hated it. I was living in Vancouver in 2013 or so and had a lovely family doctor. He was the first person who suggested to me that a breast reduction might be a good idea. He got the process started for me, but by the time I got the phone call about meeting with a plastic surgeon I was back in the Yukon and no longer covered under BC healthcare. I forgot about it for a while.

Poutine and Prada: Breast Reduction Surgery Before
This is me pre-reduction. My bra size was 34G.

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Nicheless: Blogger Struggles

Blogger struggles: Whitehorse blogger Poutine and Prada with her cat.

Poutine and Prada though the years

When I first started posting regularly on Poutine and Prada I talked about beauty products almost exclusively. It was where I was at at the time. I still love talking make-up and skincare but I’m nearly ten years older than I was when I started this blog. My interests have changed and so have the topics I’m interested in talking about here. With these changes come some blogger struggles. I’m having a hard time with this because my blog doesn’t fit neatly into any one category any more. I feel like Poutine and Prada is disorganized and I’ve fallen into the trap of comparing my work with that of the bloggers I admire. My photos never look as good as theirs and my content never seems to read as smoothly.

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10 must have blogging tools for beginners

Blogging Tools for Beginners - Poutine and Prada

Blogging Tools for Beginners

When I first started blogging many, many years ago (anyone remember Livejournal?) I just published my posts and hoped people would stumble upon them. No one ever did of course, but it didn’t really matter back then because I was just documenting my travels for friends and family. Fast forward to the present and I want readers! I love writing and sharing, what I hope are, interesting and helpful posts with all of you. Today’s post is going to be a roundup of some of my favourite blogging tools for beginners; all the tools I wish I had known about all those years ago when I first dipped my toes into the online world.

Quick disclaimer – I am not anything even approaching an expert, nor would I ever claim to be, however, if you’re just starting out on your blogging journey you may find these tools useful.

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A dupe for Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In One Lactic Acid Treatment that’s too good to keep to myself!

Sunday Riley Good Genes

It’s very dry where I live. Think of a desert with snow. As I’ve aged I’ve found that my skin is less able to cope with the climate than it was when I was younger. It’s still oily but now, for the first time in my life, I am having to deal with the occasional dry patch, some redness, and a general tight feeling in my skin. Unpleasant. I got this generous sample size of Sunday Riley Good Genes All-I-One Lactic Acid Treatment in a Sephora Favourites box of goodies I bought last winter. I finally got around to using it in February and within a few weeks my skin was looking the best it had in a long time. Colour me impressed.

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Oh honey… No. A Review of Honey Potion by Farmacy Beauty

Farmacy Beauty Honey Potion review

Back in November, when Sephora had their VIB sale, I ordered the Sephora Favourites Scouted by Sephora Kit. The Sephora Favourites kits are a great way to try out some premium products without breaking the bank. One of the products in the kit was the Farmacy Beauty Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask with Echinacea GreenEnvy Honey (phew, that’s a moniker and a half). Here’s my Farmacy Beauty Review!

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