Stress Relief

Lately I’ve been looney for lip balms (yes, I am pretty nerdy… in a cool way). I don’t know what it is but my skin, hair, and lips feel completely parched right now. Parched my darlings. Maybe it’s the season or maybe it’s that I’m almost 35.

*hyperventilates into a paper bag*

Ahem. Obviously I’m cool with that.

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So anyway, what was I talking about? Right, lip balm. I finally picked up one of the eos lip balms the other day. Everyone was hysterical over these a few years ago, but I’ve always been more of a gloss girl. Well. I’ve been schooled. I chose the scent Strawberry Sorbet and it tastes smells good. I have this incredibly strong urge to bite it in half and chew on it.

It’s very hydrating without being waxy, which is something I often find with lip balms. It’s quite thick, but not in an uncomfortable way. What I’ve been doing is using a stain and then slicking the eos on top of it.

My favourite thing about this product though is that it’s so satisfying to hold (just when you thought I couldn’t get any weirder). It sounds totally strange but it’s true. It fits perfectly in my hand and it’s just so round and satisfying. It’s like one of those stress release things that you hold in your hand, or the Harmony Balls that were so popular in the 80s or 90s. If I manage to avoid eating it, I’ll definitely be grabbing it on my way to any stressy meetings or dentist appointments.

For about $3 I think it’s totally worth picking one of these up if you’re feeling a little dry.

Have you eaten tried any of the eos lip balms?

9 thoughts on “Stress Relief

  1. My skin and lips have been feeling the same way. Must be the change in weather. Also, you’re almost 35? Damn, girl. Looking good! When is your bday?

  2. I’ve been wondering about the EOS lip balms for ages but didn’t know anyone who used them to know if they actually work! All sorts of beauty magazines have ads/profiles of EOS lip balms so it’s good to know that it is a beauty product gets reviews/press that doesn’t cost an arm & a leg and it actually does its job.

  3. Ha ha! Thanks Vanny! I’ll actually be turning 34 January 1. 34 is pretty damn close to 35 though! EEK!!

    Hey Shauna! I’m definitely loving it too!! What flavours, I mean scents, have you tried?

      1. Yes, strawberry sorbet is yummy! The sweet melon is too 🙂 I got a few they’re rather addictive and a easy to apply.

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