Stoooop! I’m blushing…

10 Days of Favourites #2: Blush

I love me some blush. I think that blush may be my favourite type of make-up. Maybe.


I’m completely addicted to my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush. I have the shade Fearless.

It’s peachy pink and it’s a great everyday colour. There’s no glitter and it’s really well pigmented. The really great thing about this blush is that it’s a long lasting formula. They say it lasts for 12 hours and they’re not lying. I put this on in the morning and by 8:00 pm or so, when I get around to washing my face, it looks the same as it did when I put it on.

What’s your favourite blush?

2 thoughts on “Stoooop! I’m blushing…

  1. That sounds amazing! That peachy flush always looks so fresh and natural. I’m currently in love with Exhibit-A by Nars and Pop Pink by Sephora. They booth look really strong, but go on amazing if you use them lightly.

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