Slow Fashion Summer – An Update

A little over a month ago I committed to the Slow Fashion Summer for 2019. I wrote about it in some detail here so I’ll try not to repeat myself. Collaction created the challenge, in which participants buy no new clothing (second hand or swapped is ok) for three months. The challenge this season runs from June 21st to September 21st. Their aim was to get 10,000 participants. Currently there are 14,487 people taking part. The point of the challenge is to draw attention to the wasteful nature of fast fashion, one of the world’s biggest polluters.

Slow Fashion Season: Wardrobe Basics

So far the challenge is going well. I have picked up a few things second hand through Poshmark but I have not purchased anything new.

Slow Fashion Summer:What I’ve learned so far

The perfect wardrobe does not exist

I finally have a solid wardrobe of quality basics that can be combined with accent pieces to create a lot of different looks. I’ve been shopping impulsively for years, chasing that perfect unicorn wardrobe that will allow me to stop shopping. I’ve read endless articles on the Five Piece French Wardrobe, capsule wardrobes, etc. and never even felt close to what I was after. I’m now at a point now where I’ve started shopping smarter and building up a foundation of basic pieces I reach for over and over again.

Need and want are very different things

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking “I need this” to justify an impulsive purchase. I spend a lot of time on social media and reading fashion blogs so I am bombarded with beautiful clothes all the live long day. I see something on an influencer I love and think I’ll be as chic as she is once I add that item to my wardrobe. That never happens in reality. It seems simple, but it’s advertising at it’s best. We relate to our favourite influencers, we even feel that we know them. This is, of course, untrue and getting the latest trendy piece that looks so perfect on that person will not change my life in the slightest.

The urge to shop will probably never go away

However, it can be controlled. This experiment has taught me that I can resist the urge to shop. Creating new outfits out of what I already have can be just as stimulating as buying something new.

What I’m struggling with

Seasonal shopping is tempting

Fall is coming. Yes, I know it’s July but fall starts in August where I live, so fall is coming. Fall is my favourite sartorial season. I am all about boots, sweaters and coats. I think this fall is going to be tougher for me than the first part of the Slow Fashion Season Challenge. I’m already thinking of ways to deal with shopping urges, such as outfit planning with pieces I’ve already got. We’ll see how it goes.

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13 thoughts on “Slow Fashion Summer – An Update

  1. Seasonal shopping gets me every time. Right now it’s swelteringly hot at my house, I barely want to go outside after sunrise/before sundown, but I am VERY excited at the prospect of getting a new heavy wool turtleneck. I hate that I am so susceptible to marketing.

  2. I truly love this initiative, thanks for sharing. It is very important that we start being a bit more conscious about our wasting habits. I will check on this definitely. In between, your lessons are really thoughtful and I truly relate to them. I am tempted to get me the last dress I saw my favourite bloggers wearing but let’s be honest, we shouldn’t be style copycats. The reason those ladies look great in their clothes is they developed a sense of style and know what fits better with their body shape.

    Thank you again for such an honest and nice post.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post Sarah. NGL I am quite happy that Thailand is warm all year round so I don’t have to stress about seasonal purchases – PHEW!

  4. I’ve been working on whittling down my wardrobe but I struggle with not having just one look ! So I like dressing across fashion genres and that makes it hard to have a smaller wardrobe! But I do my best to buy second hand when I can!

    1. It’s not so much the size of your wardrobe that’s important, it’s more about the use you get out of it. After all, the most sustainable clothes are the ones already in your closet! Buying secondhand is great and I truly believe that every little bit helps.

  5. I’ve been really trying hard to change my thoughts around fast fashion, and consumption of it this year, but this sounds tough! Recently the LUSH store in my town held a clothing swap and it was SUCH a good way to pass on clothes I don’t need to others as well as to get new (to me) bits for my wardrobe that cost me nothing!

    1. It’s not too tough, though I have definitely picked up some second hand pieces. Swaps are amazing! Lush is such a good company for that kind of thing!

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