Shopping my closet II

A few months ago I took everything out of my closet, decluttered a few pieces that I hadn’t worn in ages, cleaned the shelf and washed the floor and then put everything back in. I love a good closet declutter! I hung everything on a hanger facing the wrong way so that, if in six months or so, there was anything remaining on a hanger facing the wrong way I’d know that piece can probably be sold or donated.

One of the pieces still on a hanger facing the wrong way was my chambray shirt. I bought it years ago thinking that I would wear it all the time. That hasn’t been the case. I decided to hit up Pinterest again to see if I could breathe some new life into this piece.

The inspiration:


*image from Pinterest

My outfit:

Closet Declutter and new inspiration

One of the reasons I never reached for this top is that the arms would end up looking wrinkled and bunchy, so I styled it a bit differently than I have in the past. Instead of cuffing the sleeves three times and using the button tab, I only cuffed the sleeves twice. It was a lot more comfortable and didn’t sit right in the crook of my elbow.

The second styling note for this outfit is that I would previously never have tucked a top like this into a tight skirt because of the unsightly lines and extra bulk in the stomach area. With this outfit I decided not to worry about that. I have lumps and bumps and that’s ok! I paired the top with my beloved Everlane pencil skirt and I think it worked well.

Outfit #2 for an old piece

I’m also planning on wearing this shirt under a black cardigan and with black jeans and flats on casual Friday.

Closet declutter outfit inspiration

Lastly, I think it looks cute knotted at the waist for a casual look.

What do you think? Is this shirt a keeper? Have you ever done a closet declutter?

I’d love to know if you guys are enjoying these shopping my closet posts. I could make them a regular series if you are! Let me know in the comments.


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38 thoughts on “Shopping my closet II

  1. You rock those outfits!! I love denim tops, they suit with so many outfits and can be dressed up so well for work!

  2. Loved the idea about turning the clothes in the closet! I would never have thought of that…I go through my closet quite often as I get tired of clutter…going to start using this method…Thanks!

  3. The top is definitely a keeper! I like all the different ways you styled it – I feel like a denim shirt is a must-have for everyone. Plus those shoes are SO cute!!

    Sarah |

  4. I love both of these styling options! I have a very similar shirt that I didn’t wear for so long then realised how perfect it was for dressed down days and became obsessed with it. I wouldn’t have thought to put mine with a skirt like that but yours looks great. I agree though, I hate when fabrics bunch up when they’re tucked in x


    1. It is good for casual days:) I like pieces that work for the office and on the weekends. Thanks for reading!

  5. Love the different ways you styled this! It looks amazing. The shoes are absolutely fab as well!

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