Seche Vite

Oh hello there. It’s been a while mais oui? My apologies my pets. There has been been some stuff going on, including my beloved cat falling out of my living room window and landing on the pavement three stories down (you can’t make this stuff up). He’s fine but it was upsetting for both of us.

Anyway, I’m back and, if not badder then ever, certainly badder than I was at the beginning of the week!

The blogging world was blowing up (yeah I am definitely cool enough to use that phrase) about Seche Vite awhile ago. It’s a top coat. Shut the front door. I know, I know – kind of boring, but trust me this is something you want to hear about!

Sorry about the poor photo. Turns out a clear bottle is a bit tricky to photograph. I never used to paint my nails because I thought it was a hassle. I do it now about once a week because my nails have turned yellow I really enjoy it. I always mess it up though. You know how it is; you get your nails looking utterly fab and then the phone rings, or the cat jumps on your lap or you find a Cheeto under the couch (never happened). Well no more, Seche Vite claims to be a fast dry top coat and it is. Ludicrously fast. My nails are dry to the touch in about 5 minutes. It’s a little unnerving actually.

It also leaves your nails super shiny. I caused a bit of a fender bender the other day when I waved at everyone in the intersection like the queen. Well, not really but I could. I won’t say that my polish seems to last all the much longer when I use it, but I still think this is a really great top coat.

I picked up this little gem at London Drugs for about $12 (don’t quote me on that) and it’s worth every penny.

Go out and grab a bottle. Right meow. You won’t regret it!

Are you a nail polish junkie?

3 thoughts on “Seche Vite

  1. oooh, I love wearing nail polish, but I am so rough with my hands. The only time I get a mani is for a special occasion and it only lasts like 3 days before I scrape one of my nails against something accidentally. I would paint my nails myself more often but the hassle just isn’t worth it for me, especially having to waaaaaaaaaiiiit at least an hour before I can actually do something. A girl’s got stuff to do, you know?

    1. Exactly!! You should give this topcoat a try – you’ll only have to wait a few minutes before you’re back at the races!

      P.S. Have you had your exam yet??

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