The secrets to scoring a great deal on Poshmark!

I’ve long been jealous of my US blogger friends because of their access to Poshmark. Well, it’s finally come to Canada and I am obsessed. I’ve been using the app for a few months now and I’ve added some great second hand pieces to my closet. Today I’m sharing my Poshmark shopping tips and tricks! I hope you find this post useful.

Poutine and Prada: Poshmark shopping tips and tricks

1. Follow the brands you love

Poshmark allows you to follow about 50 brands. Plug in your favourites and the app will alert you of new listings in your feed. The brands I follow include Aritzia, Sézane, and Everlane.

2. Set your size

Poshmark allows you to filter your searches by your size which is so useful. I have my shoe size and clothing sizes saved and it makes browsing so much easier.

3. Check the photos thoroughly

Make sure you examine the photos of the item carefully so you know what you are getting. If there are any flaws don’t be afraid to ask the seller for more information. Also, if the seller has only used stock photos from the website make sure to ask for photos of the actual item you will be receiving. If the seller says no, it’s a pass!

4. Ask lots of questions

Make sure to get as much detail as you can including measurements, fabric content, and even why the seller is parting with the item.

5. Hit that heart button

You can use the like button to bookmark items and come back to them at your leisure. It’s also a quick way to save items in a search that you might be interested in.

6. Make offers

Don’t be afraid to hit the make an offer button. Some sellers set firm prices but I’ve found most people to be somewhat flexible.

I’ve also made a number of sales on the app. Check out my closet here. Let me know if you’d be interested in a post with my selling tips!

I hope you found this helpful and will use a couple of my tips and tricks for shopping on Poshmark! Are there any tips I’ve missed?

Poutine and Prada: 6 tips and tricks for shopping on Poshmark

18 thoughts on “The secrets to scoring a great deal on Poshmark!

  1. Such good thoughts! Someone told me that an offer 20% below list price is normal and Poshmark and that really upped my game. Now if only I could get off the app hahaha.

    1. Yes! That’d be a perfect offer. Someone once offered me only half of what I had priced an item at and I thought that was a bit rude. It’s so addictive!!

  2. Agreed! I’m always wary when people are unwilling to provide more photos. I am going to check out your selling post! I really, really, really wish that Canadians could purchase from US closets – I’d love to check yours out!

  3. Asking questions and for photos of the actual item are key! It gives you info about how responsive and thorough the seller is. Also, I’ve noticed that when someone describes something as “in perfect condition,” it never is! It’s like people don’t understand the definition of perfect.

    I’ve been on Poshmark for quite a while and am a Posh Ambassador now, so I wrote up a guide a while back about how to sell. (Or at least how I sell.) I think that having clear photos and descriptions are important. But then again, there are people who don’t do this and still make sales.

    1. Agreed! Perfect pretty much has to mean never worn. I’ll definitely check out your post on selling. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Sarah! How you been?♥️ I thought about using Poshmark for vintage finds but had no idea where to start, you post has certainly given me some clarity. I like the tip about asking to see current photos of products in conjunction with the stock images. I would hate to get an item that looks nothing like the picture

    Natonya |

    1. Thanks Natonya! I think Poshmark is a good source for vintage, but have you tried Etsy? It’s a treasure trove!

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