Lush Christmas 2019: a review of a few of the goodies from the holiday collection


Hello! It’s been a minute. Let me tell you why. Last year I pushed myself to produce one blog post per week no matter what. I accomplished that with one or two exceptions. The problem is that it started to feel like a chore, rather than the fun hobby I want blogging to be. As soon as something starts to feel like work I lose interest. I’ve decided to change my approach to blogging this year. This year I’m only going to write a blog post when I feel inspired and enthusiastic about it. That way I feel that I will be able to produce better content without getting overwhelmed or burned out. I do have some fun posts planned for the near future so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you are desperate for a Poutine fix, I post fairly regularly on Instagram so feel free to head over! With all of that said, welcome to my second post of 2020 – a review of some of the products from the Lush 2019 Christmas Collection (even though, dear reader, it is March)!

Lush Christmas 2019: Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Lush Christmas 2019 Collection

Lush has one sale a year on Boxing Day. I can never resist ordering a few goodies. This year everything in the Christmas collection was half price!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

The first thing I ordered is an old favourite – the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. This baby explodes in a gorgeous show of blue, green, white and gold with tiny gold stars to boot. Once the show is over your bath water is a pretty turquoise. The bath bomb contains fragrant cognac, lime and sweet orange oils for a fruity fresh scent I love. I like this bath bomb so much that I ordered two!

Lush Christmas 2019: Star Spell Bath Bomb

Lush Christmas 2019 Star Spell Bath Bomb

The second bath bomb I picked up was called Star Spell. This one, to be honest, was a bit of a disappointment. The show was just not that special. It turned my bath water orange. It is scented with buchu, lemon, and bergamont oils for another fruity blast. One nice thing about this bath bomb is that it is composed of two pieces – as you can see in the photo – so you can use it for two baths and get a little more bang for your buck!

Lush Christmas 2019:  Drummers Drumming Shower Jelly

Drummers Drumming Shower Jelly

Lush’s shower jellies are fun. You just add water and rub the jelly all over! It suds up nicely and leaves you feeling squeaky clean. Drummers Drumming contains grapefruit, davana, elemi, and tagetes oils (I have no idea what those are either). The scent is very fruity but there is also a sharp, green element to it. It’s great if you need a bit of a wake-up in the morning.

Lush Christmas 2019:  Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

Lush Christmas 2019 Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

I always have a lip scrub in my arsenal because my lips are frequently chapped and dry, especially in the winter. On a whim, I added this to my cart at the last moment on Boxing Day. I didn’t have super high hopes but it was half price so I figured it was worth a shot. Well, colour me corrected. This stuff is great! I like to use it before hoping in the shower in the morning. It’s super easy to use and  effective at removing any dead skin. You can lick it off afterwards if that’s your jam, it does taste like candy, but I like to just rinse it off.

My one complaint about this lip scrub is that formula is a bit dry which can make it a bit tricky to scoop it out with your finger but it’s a small problem. This scrub contains jojoba oil, castor sugar, and food-grade colour. It’s divine.

Are you a sucker for Lush’s Boxing Day sale?

28 thoughts on “Lush Christmas 2019: a review of a few of the goodies from the holiday collection

  1. What a great collection you have missy! I love Lush’s shampoo bars in particular. I’ve never tried the shower jelly but it sounds super fun!

    1. I haven’t tried the shampoo bars just because my hair is so finicky but I kind of want to give them a shot!

  2. Such a fun way to enjoy our time on the bath, this is definitely a hit to our kids.

  3. I’m a huge Lush fan – all of my face care is Lush and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I also really appreciate what you had to say about rejuvenating your love of blogging by doing it your way, when inspiration strikes!

  4. You are so correct, it’s so important to not get caught up in posting just to stay on the consistency train vs publishing meaningful, hearty posts. Great post.

    Self care is very important. Though I haven’t tried products from Lush, I always hear great reviews.

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