Lounge wear capsule – the basics in mine and where to buy ’em

A couple years ago it occurred to me that Mr. P&P was likely mighty sick of seeing me decked out in faded pjs with holes in them. Simultaneously it occurred to me that I spend 95% of my time at home in comfies. Since I’m a real homebody that accounts for a lot of my time in general. Surely it would make sense to invest a bit more in the lounge wear capsule section of my wardrobe? I’ve since curated a small collection of comfortable and cute pieces to wear while lounging at home and I haven’t looked back. Let’s take a look at what some of what I’ve got, shall we?

Lounge Wear Capsule

Lounge wear capsule item #1: Sweatshirts

When I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s I spent my days decked out in sweatsuits. It was a look. Colour me pleased that sweatshirts have made their way back into the closets of the fashionable because they are the best. My current selection is a little more fashion forward than the Care Bears and New Kids on the Block iterations I used to favour but they are every bit as comfortable. I have two. One I purchased from Simon’s (it says J’Adore and I totally bought it because of Carrie Bradshaw) and the second, my favourite, is from Brunette the Label. I’d been lusting after a Brunette sweatshirt about five years and, because I am a lucky, lucky girl, Mr. P&P gifted me one for Christmas in 2017. I wear it constantly and have washed it a billion times and it has held up beautifully. And don’t worry if you’re a blonde – they’ve got you covered as well! If you happen to live in Whitehorse (you lucky duck) Brunette the Label is carried at Bella Luna.

Lounge wear capsule item #2: Sweatpants

I’m not really about the sweatsuit look any more (acutally, that a bit of a falsehood but it can be our little secret) but I do like good pair of sweatpants paired with a tee shirt or tank. My favourite pair is from Lazy Pants. They were an investment to be sure, but they were worth every single penny. If they’re not in the wash you can bet I’ll be rocking them. When I’m ready to add another pair of sweatpants to capsule, it will be this pair from Everlane.

Lounge wear capsule item #3: Romper

My romper is from Smass + Tess. It’s the Sweetheart Romper in black. It’s pretty much the best thing ever. I wear it as lounge wear but I also wear it on long flights and if I have any quick errands to run on the weekend. Throw on a jean jacket and a cute pair of sandals or runners and you are good to go my friend. The only note is that my romper is a medium and I wish I had gone for a small. Size down if you think you might treat yourself to one.

Item #4: comfortable Dress

One of my favourite lounge wear brands is Canadian label Paper Label. From the website:

Created by women for women, Paper Label is well-considered, clever lounge + sleep wear that will move you through the day from sleep to street.  Intentional style and contemporary lines for women who are on the move and want to feel ready for anything.

I discovered Paper Label several years ago via one of my favourite Canadian bloggers, Jill Lansky of The August Diaries. I purchased the Daniela Dress, pictured above, right away and I adore it. It is one of my favourite pieces, not only in my lounge wear capsule but in my wardrobe in general. The Daniela Dress is no longer available unfortunately, but you can shop the rest of their dresses here.

For Christmas this year Mr. P&P gave me the Jill Sweater (ain’t he sweet?) pictured above. I can’t seem to find it online – he purchased it locally at Bella Luna – but you can shop the rest of their sweaters here.

Item #5: warm socks

Lastly, but kind of most importantly, I have a collection of warm, fuzzy socks. If you live somewhere warm this may not be an issue but, seeing as I live near the North Pole, my feet are always cold. I love slipping into a pair of cozy socks and relaxing on the couch with my cat, a good book, and a cup of tea.

So there you have it! Now tell me, what do you lounge in?

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29 thoughts on “Lounge wear capsule – the basics in mine and where to buy ’em

  1. Sinve I work at home I had exactly the same issue! All my home wear was just old tshirts and at some point I felt the need to enhance it.
    Now I usually wear thighs with big winter socks, plus shorts and comfortable hoodie.
    But I love your romper as well, I definitely need more of that! 😉

  2. I basically live in thick, warm socks! I’m all for the oversized sweater too, I like that it can feel like pyjamas but you don’t have the same moment of panic when someone knocks on the door x


  3. Lounge wear is my absolute favourite! It’s actually the only section in my wardrobe that has more than one pile hahaha. My favourite place to buy from is Tesco – they do such beautifully soft loungewear/pajamas!
    Alice Xx

  4. I love this post, this sums up what I wear whenever I’m not at work! If I could live in sweatshirts & sweatpants I’d be the happiest person ever. Plus warm socks are a must!

  5. I desperately need to search out new sweatpants. I had a pair from my military days that I wore RELIGIOUSLY but they are now full of holes and need so badly to be replaced… Is till use them occasionally for camping but I really should just get rid of them lol

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