Excuses Excuses

Life - it gets busy!

It’s been a long time you guys. I know that. I am ashamed. Life, it gets busy.


What can I say? Life gets in the way of stuff. I have a busy job that I’m trying to excel at. I have a boyfriend who takes up all of my time (love ya babe) and I have a shopping addiction to nurture. That’s a lot of balls in the air friends.


The other thing is that writing is hard. It takes time, and planning, and thinking. It’s the thinking that gets me. I think all day long. When I get home at night I don’t want to think any more. I want to eat a pizza, take a bath, and watch brainless tv for a while before I go to bed. You know? I know you know, you all have busy lives too.

All of that said I still have lots of products I want to talk about. I’m still hoarding my empties (remember when I started a new series all about empties and then only wrote one post?). I will write about them. Some day. Not today though.

Take care kittens. I still love you.

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