Let’s talk about body positivity

Body Positivity

My original idea for this post was to talk about body positivity, but I think self love and acceptance is a more accurate description of what I have in mind. The thing I struggle with most is aging. We live in a youth obsessed society. It’s think it’s common for people, especially women, to feel less and less relevant as they age. I notice this particularly within the blogging and influencer community. Everyone seems to be younger than me!

Body Positivity - my thoughts

The other day I posted this photo on my Instagram account with the following caption:

This is what I wore on Friday night. I wanted a crop top to go with my high-waisted jeans but I don’t own one. In the past I would never have posted a photo like this because you can see that I’m not very trim around the middle. I don’t care anymore though because I felt great and I was happy and that’s all that matters!

Self Love

Nothing particularly ground breaking, however, it received the most engagement I’ve ever had on that platform. It got me thinking. Specifically, it got me thinking about sometimes how saying something that is hard or nerve wracking can be really powerful. I didn’t say anything particularly ground-breaking or interesting but it was difficult because I had to allow myself to be a little bit vulnerable online. I’ve watched my favourite influencers do it (check out Kayla Logan for some serious self love inspiration) but never really thought about how much they put on the line while doing it. It’s not an easy thing to open yourself up to criticism.

The feedback I received was incredibly positive and supportive. It made me feel fantastic but at the same time it gave me pause because of how something as simple as admitting that my waist is not tiny resonated with my followers.

The body positivity movement is wonderful and I think we should all take part in it. The simplest way to do that is to accept yourself. I’m not saying we all have to love our soft stomachs or worship our stretch marks or grey hair or wrinkles. All I’m saying is that we have to accept them. They are normal and nothing to be ashamed of. So next time you see a photo of yourself and think “I don’t want to post this”, I encourage you to put the negative self talk out of your mind, slap that photo on your Instagram feed and own it!

Outfit details: tee shirt – vintage; jeans – Levi’s

Body Positivity.jpg

34 thoughts on “Let’s talk about body positivity

  1. The most attractive thing in that picture is your self confidence. That’s the part we can’t point out like a hip or a thigh, but it’s defin what is radiating from you. I saw your pic when it came across my IG feed a few days ago and that exactly what I saw! Don’t get off that train!

  2. Great post, body positivity is so important. What’s your favorite self care routine for 2019?

    1. Thanks! Running is currently my most important part of self care. Nothing else helps with my anxiety so effectively!

  3. Yes, Body positivity is SO important! I love it when people open up, because sometimes seeing that you aren’t the only person that thinks negatively sometimes, ya know?

    Anyway, you look great! I love those jeans

    1. Definitely! That’s how I always feel when I see someone else talking about their insecurities. It’s so good to know that we’re not alone! And thank you!

  4. Thank you for sharing this!! I have always had body image issues… needed to learn to be stronger!

  5. You look fantastic! I totally get what you mean about a lot of the blogging community being younger, it’s hard when you see a lot of them are early twenties. Posting something so personal to you on Instagram will always get a good reaction, it makes us feel less alone about our insecurities.

  6. It is important that we celebrate self-love. It is hard to feel good with the expectations that social media tend to give off but at the end of the day, we take ownership of ourselves. Keep it up, girl!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  7. You look beautiful!
    After I had my daughter my confidence went downhill, but I learned to accept that my body changed & now I’m happy to wear my favorite outfits & share photos as well!

  8. I think posts like that tend to be so popular because body image is something we all either struggle with or have in the past. Body positivity is a huge life lesson to learn but such an important one. You have an amazing outlook! x


  9. You looks so comfortable in your own skin and genuinely happy. It’s so true – I get the most engagement when I’m just 100% honest and real. More vulnerability less face tune, please! I think there will be a HUGE wave for self love/ self care/ body positivity this year ! Thank goodness. Thanks for inspiring and sharing.

    1. Thank you Amanda. I don’t know how comfortable I actually am in my skin so I’m glad the photo translates that way for you

  10. Body positivity is so important, and so needed in this time – so many people search for the perfection we see on instagram or other social media. Being comfortable in your skin makes you feel happy and amazing. I also get more engagement when I’m more honest!

  11. I think you look absolutely great in your picture. It’s so easy to hate things about our bodies especially in our day and age where magazines and Instagram are a thing. We need more people like you advocating for self-love at all shapes and sizes.

    1. Thank you so much! You’re right aboot it being so easy to hate our bodies when we’re constantly bombarded with images of what we “should” look like.

  12. I absolutely love this post. I have come across the realisation that I don’t love myself enough and a big part of that is due to mot accepting the way I look because I don’t have rock hard and. I love that you are confident in your skin and that picture alone is inspiring

    1. Thank you so much Shenelle. I’m not totally confident in my skin but I’m working on it. It brings me comfort when other women are open with their insecurities and if I can do that for others I will be so happy. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment.

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