It puts the lotion on its skin…

I’m addicted to hand lotion. Anyone who knows me is accustomed to the sight of me feverishly rubbing my hands together as lotion soaks into them. I keep a tube stashed in my purse, on my bedside table, in the bathroom, and on the coffee table. I love lotion. I want to marry it. You get the gist.

A few years ago I was at YVR (Vancouver International Airport) in between flights. My lotion had been confiscated and my hands were chafing. I was maniacally searching casually looking for a new tube when I stumbled upon a little stand of Cake Beauty products. I was hooked immediately, I mean, it’s called CAKE. I opened a bottle of lotion, sniffed it, and as soon as the  scent of baked goods entered my nose I was sold.

Fast forward three or four years, and I’m still a Cake Beauty devotee. My latest acquisition is the Sugar Cookie Velveteen Hand Cream, it’s currently available at Sephora for a mere $9!

This lotion is light, non-greasy, and smells like I imagine Heaven smells, like a sugar cookie. The ingredients include whole milk, shea butter, mango butter, and marshmallow extract. I didn’t even know I needed marshmallow extract in my lotion but there you have it, Cake delivers a cream that is simply gorgeous. I love this stuff! My recommendation? Run out and purchase this lotion immediately, though if you’re not into heavily scented products this is not the lotion for you.

Have you tried any Cake Beauty products?

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