Tips for Getting Though a Tired Day: Insomnia Tips and Tricks

Insomnia tips for getting through a tired day

Insomnia is terrible. I have been an insomniac for as long as I can remember and I probably always will be. It sucks. It sucks a lot. Sometimes, in spite of practicing good sleep hygiene, meditation, warm baths, tea and medication, a night is still bad. It happens. It’s the worst. Sleepless nights happen to most of us now and then. In today’s post I’m sharing some of my insomnia tips and tricks with the hope that will help you get through a tired day after a bad night.

Insomnia Tips and Tricks

Here are my top tips for getting through a tired day when you can’t go back to bed.

  1. Call in sick. Ok, this isn’t really a tip but if you can, use a sick day. That’s what they’re there for. Exhaustion caused by insomnia is no less valid a reason to stay home than a cold. It’s not always possible to take a sickie, so the rest of the tips are for those days you just can’t stay home!
  2. Do not drink excessive caffeine, it will just make you feel worse in the long run! Instead, after having your normal amount of coffee have a hot herbal or green tea.
  3. Drink lots of water. It will keep you hydrated.
  4. Keep moving. Get up from your desk at least once every hour or so and do a lap around the office.
  5. Get outside! Take a quick walk around the block. The fresh air will invigorate you.
  6. Avoid junk food. I don’t know about you, but when I’m tired I just want to eat all of the fries. However, junk won’t give you sustained energy. Reach for healthy foods to avoid the junk food crash.
  7. Grab a power nap on your lunch break. Sneak into an empty office or boardroom if you can and try to close your eyes for 15 minutes. It helps!
  8. Focus on simple tasks. A tired day is not the day to tackle a big report or start a new project.

Those are my top tips for making it through a tired day. Have I missed any?

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5 thoughts on “Tips for Getting Though a Tired Day: Insomnia Tips and Tricks

  1. These are really good tips. I’ve had to use the call in sick one a couple of times before. With me, insomnia comes in waves. I can go for ages having really good sleeps, and then some weeks or months I just don’t sleep!!

  2. These are great tips!!
    I don’t struggle with insomnia, but have had a few nights where I just can’t sleep. Will definitely keep these tips in mind! Xx

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