Fashion Smashion

I like fashion. Love it actually. I read fashion blogs, magazines, and books about it. I am always looking at other women’s clothes and working out outfits for myself based on certain pieces or colours. Does this make me superficial?  Maybe. Do I care? No. Let me tell you why.

1. I am a creative person. I love writing, reading, and I enjoy art. Putting together an outfit is a creative, and artistic endeavor.

2. Despite what some people have told me, it shows that I pay attention to detail. Accessories, colour coordination, shapes, and texture are all details that I think about every afternoon morning when I get dressed.

3. The clothes I wear are a form of self expression; this is one of the many ways in which I tell the world who I am.

4. It makes me feel good, and really, do I need any other reason?

What are some of the reasons you enjoy fashion (or don’t)?

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