Everlane Review: a review of the pieces I’ve purchased myself

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I’ve written a couple Everlane reviews before but I was sent the pieces for those posts. Today I want to talk you through the Everlane pieces I’ve purchased with my own money. All four of the pieces I’m going to talk about today I purchased second hand and two are no longer available on the Everlane website. I think the review has merit in spite of that because it speaks to the quality of Everlane garments in general. So, that said, let’s get into my third Everlane review!

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Everlane Heavy Weight Tee and Ponte Tube Skirt Review; how does Everlane fit

Everlane Review: Bottoms

Stretch Ponte Tube Skirt – $55 US

I bought this skirt new with tags from a seller on eBay about a year and a half ago. Everlane no longer makes it, which is just so unfortunate. This is the black pencil skirt I have been searching for my entire professional life. It hits at the knee on me (I’m 5’3″) and so it’s perfect for the office. The material is thick and totally opaque, it’s stretchy but doesn’t stretch out, if that makes sense. It holds its shape well. It has a simple elastic waist band so there’s no faffing about with zippers.

I’ve worn this skirt consistently two to four times a week since I bought it and it’s held up incredibly well. It still looks new. I wash it when I get something on it, usually chocolate, and I just throw it in the washer on cold and hang to dry. No ironing required. I am so glad I own this skirt and I keep an eye on eBay and Poshmark because if another one pops up you can bet I’ll grab it.

The Side Zip Work Pant – $50 US

This is the newest addition to my Everlane wardrobe and one of the pieces in this post that is still available on the Everlane website, however, I purchased the pants from a Poshmark seller. These babies are tight. I am hoping they will loosen up a touch or two, though they do great things for the derrière. They hit at just the right point at the ankle and have a great silhouette. They are slim without being too tight. They work well with flowy blouses, sweaters, and a tee shirt and a blazer. Another great office staple.

The Slim Wool Pant – $115 US

The Slim Wool Pant can still be purchased directly from Everlane, but I found mine on eBay. These pants are composed of 95% wool and 5% elastane. They have very little stretch. The fabric is light weight but warm and there is a very slight sheen to it. The pants are quite structured and look great with a crisp button down tucked in. They work equally well with a sweater, blouse or a tee shirt.

The wool pants are supposed to be dry cleaned but I’ve washed mine on the gentle cycle in cold water and they’ve come out just fine. They hit right at my ankle, but keep in mind that I’m quite petite. These pants are meant to be slightly cropped. Of all of my Everlane pieces these pants are my least favourite simply because they are the least comfortable. They are great for the office though.

Everlane Review: Top

The Heavyweight Tee – $45 US

I was a bit apprehensive when I bought this top that the fabric would bag out with wear but my fears were unfounded. This was another Poshmark purchase and mine is in the grey striped colour way. I’ve been searching for the perfect Breton top for years and this almost fits the bill. The only thing wrong is that it’s not in the classic navy stripe.

The shirt is 100% cotton. It’s machine washable and dryer friendly. It’s a tee shirt but when they say heavyweight they are not kidding, it is warm and thick. I like to roll the sleeves once to shorten them a bit. The top hits right at the hip and it looks good tucked in or untucked like in the photo above. This is another one that I’d repurchase if it popped up in another colour.

So there you have it! Another Everlane review in the bag! Do you have any favourites from the brand?

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  1. Great review on Everlane clothing! I totally understand how “cropped” becomes “full length” very easily when you’re short, me too!

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