What I wore: Easy breezy spring/summer style

Whitehorse blogger Sarah Winton in a simple summer outfit

I wore this simple spring/summer ready outfit a week or so ago to grab some lunch and do a quick errand or two. When we really get into summer I’ll just ditch the jacket. It was a big day – my first time out of the house after spending eight days cooped up recovering from my breast reduction (a post on that is coming in the next few months).


I found this gem of a dress at a consignment shop in Vancouver. I’d been looking for a perfect little black dress for a while and this one fit the bill perfectly. It’s by Aritzia but I scored it at Turnabout for a mere $20!

Paired with a light coat, black ankle boots, and my trusty Kate Spade cross-body bag, it was casual enough for a spring weekend lunch. I’m looking forward to styling it up a little bit dressier for the office this summer or a night out as well.

This will be my simple summer outfit combo all season! What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

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