Double Double Oily Trouble

I may have mentioned once or twice that my skin type is oily. I feel that there really aren’t a lot of products that are geared toward us greasy gals; however, I have noticed a few more recently. It’s like how three or four years ago there were next to no hair products for curly locks, and now we’re seeing them everywhere. I have hope friends.

Rimmel Stay Matte
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I don’t generally wear powders; I just don’t like that powery make-up look. I like to keep my skin as natural looking as possible; however, when I saw the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder I had to give it the old college try. It’s an absolute steal at around $6.

Now, at the ripe old age of 3#@! I know better than to dream of matte skin that lasts all day, I’m a realist you understand, but I do love this powder. I’ve used it pretty much every day since purchasing it and I’m very pleased. While I still have to blot, I definitely find that I’m doing it less often, maybe two or three times a day rather than five or six. What I really love about Stay Matte though is its feather light texture. It’s truly translucent and doesn’t settle into fine lines (not that I have any… perish the thought!).

The only teeny, tiny con about this powder is the packaging. The lid does not stay on well at all so if you’re dropping it in your purse make sure to secure it with an elastic first! Also, it doesn’t come with it’s own applicator, this doesn’t bother me though because I never use those things.

Final verdict? I will definitely be repurchasing this product. I am a die hard fan. You should run right out and grab one now! Go on, do it.

Are you a powder girl or guy?

10 thoughts on “Double Double Oily Trouble

    1. I’m using this one in the morning and then blotting throughout the day as needed.

  1. Love this! It lasts forever too. Honestly have been looking around for a powder and don’t know why I strayed! Thanks for the reminder! PS your blog is exceptionally pretty. x

  2. I have oily skin and I discovered a miracle product at Sephora. It’s a primer made by hourglass called veil (or it might be the other way around). Either way it has completely changed my skin. I recommend trying it!

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