Do you Deciem?


Deciem. Do I dare?

If you ever look at the internet I imagine you’ve heard of Deciem and the recent controversy surrounding the erstwhile CEO. I went back and forth on whether or not to write this post but in the end obviously decided to write it. Lovers, this is not a blog about current events, this is a blog about products and so products is what I’m going to talk about.


About Deciem

Deciem exploded on to the market about two years ago. I first heard about it when one of my favourite Youtubers gave the brand a rave review. Deciem is a Toronto-based company composed of a number of brands including The Ordinary, Niod, Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand, etc. The concept is simple: skincare made with quality ingredients at a low price. The prices start at about $5.00, really. Genius. I’m no expert but I do know that there are only a few skincare ingredients that have actually been proven to do anything. Included in this list is hyaluronic acid which is a basically a magnet for moisture, and retinol which encourages cell turnover.

Hyaluronic Acid

I’ve gone through two bottles of The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and I love it. I rarely notice any immediate change in my skin after using a product, with the exception of this stuff. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do – plumps and moisturizes the skin. Brilliant. Mind you give your face a quick spritz before applying it kittens – the skin has to be wet for the acid to do its good work.


I also gave the retinol a go. The first time I used it I did not do it properly. I slathered it all over my face, including under my eyes. I paid the burny price. Retinol is to be used sparingly, avoiding the eye area. After the initial mishap I used the rest of the product successfully. I cannot honestly tell you that I noticed a huge change in my skin but I think if you are concerned about the signs of aging this is a good one to try.

Hand Chemistry

I also used two tubes of Hand Chemistry from The Chemistry Brand. Again, I can’t really speak to any anti-aging benefits but I can tell you that I love this stuff. The scent is fruity but not strong at all and it just works. My hands feel nice and hydrated after using it which, after-all, is the whole point right?


Coverage Foundation

I’ve also been using The Ordinary Coverage Foundation for the past year. It’s good. It has great coverage but it’s not heavy on the skin. It lasts well too. Nothing lasts all day on my face but I get a good few hours out of this foundation.

Have you tried any of Deciem’s products?

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17 thoughts on “Do you Deciem?

    1. Hey there! Thanks for reading! Deciem is not shutting down, to my knowledge, I’d be curious to know where you read that!

  1. I’ve tried the Serum foundation from the Ordinary and would love to try some of the skincare. With regard to the previous comment, earlier this month, the CEO of Deciem announced that the Ordinary would be shutting down, but now I think that’s not happening and he has left the company. I’m not completely up on all the drama so I might have some of that wrong, but that’s what I think has happened! x
    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Yes, that’s what happened:) That’s the drama I was referring to at the beginning of the post. I would definitely recommend the skincare – it’s great!

  2. Hi, I definitely deciem-ed before! 🙂 I used The Ordinary’s retinol, vitamin C serum and also their ‘bloody’ peeling which is quite great and leaves my skin bright and smooth. My boss has recently discovered The Ordinary and can’t get over its amazing results and the prices is such a bonus point too. When they opened their first shop in London last year, I remember there were queues for months. The hype diet out now, but it is still a busy little shop!

    What is the controversy? I haven’t heard anything..

    xx A.

    1. Hey there! Thanks for reading. I haven’t tried the bloody peeling but now I’m tempted! The controversy involved their previous CEO going off the rails a bit but it’s all been worked out now:)

      1. Oh well, hopefully, they figure everything out because I wouldn’t want to say goodbye to my skincare! I can recommend the peeling, just take it slow and figure out how long to leave it on your face, continuously increasing the time because it can get quite itchy!

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