I do a face mask, oh I don’t know, once every three years or so. So when I finally get around to doing one I like to make a bit of an event out of it. This means a glass of wine, a hot bath, and a man with those sexy v-muscles in his abs feeding me grapes, you know, the usual. Or maybe I just slap it on my face and lie on my bed reading until it dries. I can’t really remember, it was last week after all.

The mask I used wasn’t one of those peel-off ones that lets you pretend to be Hannibal Lector as you take it off, but it was still pretty fun (modest sort of playing-scrabble-with-your-grandma fun). I used the Balea Oil Removing Mud Face Mask. I did scrunch my face up a few times, the feeling of the mud cracking and showering off of your face is kind of satisfying…

The mask is quite thick, it won’t slide off your face as you apply it. A little goes a long way as well so you can get a few uses out of the packet. When first applied the mask stung my face a little, maybe because it has tea tree oil in it? The stinging didn’t last long though. I left it on for about 15 minutes and then removed it with a warm face cloth. The big thing I have to say about this mask is that my skin felt really clean after using it. Clean in a way that I never feel, not even when I’ve just stepped out of the shower. My blackheads seemed a little less noticeable, and my skin didn’t feel dry or tight. All in all I’d say I would definitely use this mask again. I purchased it at Shopper’s Drug Mart and, while I don’t remember the exact price, I do know it was cheap.

Have you tried any of the Balea masks?

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